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Retta Beeryreplied to: RE: Re your post Retta

God is SO good and He works in all the details of our lives. Thank you for sharing your heart and gratitude for all the blessings and trials that you...


kiwigirlcreated the topic: Re your post Retta

Awwwh loved reading your post Retta about Noah and Alexis 13 years on. AMEN God is great and here for all of us. Even in the desperate times lean on...


Retta Beery added a new article Harold Varmus and exiting the NCI


Retta Beeryreplied to: RE: Hi from New Zealand

Hello, I don't know Amy Haynes - sorry. I appreciate your posting as you never know if someone else may know her. I didn't find her on our site eit...


kiwigirlreplied to: RE: Hi from New Zealand

Hi Retta, can I ask many years ago I had contact with a lady by the name of Amy Haynes, she lived in Milpitas CA. She also had DRD we lost contact ma...


kiwigirlreplied to: RE: Hi from New Zealand

New Years Greetings to everyone out there. I thought I would post an interesting update this morning. We went to friends for a BBQ the other weekend ...


Retta Beery added a new article Hope for 2015


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A Family Changed Forever By Sequencing Technology - Meet The Beerys
The Beerys talk about the family's journey of discovering the twins misdiagnosis of Cerebral Palsy and that they actually had Dystonia
by Retta Beery | 17,188 views | 5 years ago
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Noah and Alexis's story reach others-the Today Show
Twins wrongly diagnosed with cerebral palsy After initially being told their children have cerebral palsy, the parents of twins look for other causes...
by Raymond Raffety | 6,356 views | 4 years ago
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Jean Sharon Abbott's memoirs now available

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to an incredible 2016!  We were blessed to have all of our kids home with us as well as extended family.  I continue to be in awe of the way God blesses us so abundantly!! My friend, Jean Sharon Abbott, has published her memoirs and it is now available on her website and Amazon.  She struggled for 33 years with Dopa Respo...
Latest Article
After 33 years of being misdiagnosed, Jean Sharon Abbott has new abilities
Jean Sharon Abbott was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when she was a child.  She endured needless, invasive and life changing surgeries, and was unable to fully function for 33 years.  It wasn't until she saw a new neurologist, at the age of 33, that she was given a new diagnosis that gave her the ability to do things she had never been able to do.  Jean's life is a great example of ...
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Retta Beery

Noah, Alexis, and I were honored to be a part of an announcement on Monday at the Rady's Children


    Retta Beery


      Retta BeeryAlex has a mystery diagnosis, while his family is searching for answers....


        Retta BeeryLink for different forms of Dystonia and individual gene tests noting specific mutations: desc, prefix_sort desc


          Retta BeeryMyclonic Dystonia