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After 33 years of being misdiagnosed, Jean Sharon Abbott has new abilities

Jean Sharon Abbott was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when she was a child.  She endured needless, invasive and life changing surgeries, and was unable to fully function for 33 years.  It wasn't until she saw a new neurologist, at the age of 33, that she was given a new diagnosis that gave her the ability to do things she had never been able to do.  Jean's life is a great example of the need for precision medicine, whole genome sequencing, advancing science and technology so that we get diagnosis early on to save years, to save lives.  Jean contacted me last year to share her story.  She told me that when she got home from her neurologist appointment, after being given the prescription for L-Dopa and a new diagnosis, she couldn't believe it was true.  She and her husband went online to research DRD, found a video of Noah and Alexis, and it gave her such encouragement to start on the medication.  To read more of Jean's journey, copy and paste the following url:

Retta Beery posted on April 26, 2015