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We are trying to provide information in several different ways and through many vehicles.We hope that this information and connections are helpful for you.

The are connections here for support groups, research foundations, information, articles, caregiving, traditional treatments and natural treatments. These take the form of books, web sites and community contributions on specific types of Dystonia.

Highly recommended resources

Find a Dystonia Healthcare Professional

This web page provided by the Dystonia Foundation is a great resource for finding Medical Professionals that indicate they have an understanding of Dystonia.

Dystonia Foundation

Founded in 1976, the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation (DMRF) is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to serving all people with dystonia and their families. They have been very helpful with Noah and Alexis.

Dopa Responsive Dystonia Group

This is the form of Dystonia that Noah and Alexis have. Retta has a lot of information and understanding to share about this type of Dystonia.


The Books section has information about books related to Dystonia, Cerebral Palsy and Movement Disorders.

Web Resources

The Web Resouces section has information about web pages and web sites  related to Dystonia, Cerebral Palsy and Movement Disorders. These sites have information, support groups or are for research foundations.

Types of Dystonia

These are various groups that you can join to share information about specific types of Dystonia.  These include:

If you have an interest, understanding or knowledge about any of these types of Dystonia, we would encourage you to join the community and contribute to everyones understanding. Joining is free and allows you to contribute and receive notifications about specific items if you want. We never spam or provide your information to third parties.

If there are other types that you would consider relevant and of interest, just let us know.

We are committed to making this site relevant and helpful for people dealing with Dystonia and related Movement Disorders. We have just begun a major effort to improve this site to do just that. We hope that it is helpful.

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