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Hope for 2015

As we enter into the new year, my Hope for the future of medicine is strong.  There have been many advances made in the past few years and we have witnessed many lives that have been changed.  Answers.  Treatments.  Miracles.  With the promise of hope so close to home, we have also witnessed many lives that have not had such a positive outcome.  Lives that are hanging on to hope but feel answers are out of their reach.  The latter is heart wrenching.  How do we balance our hope with our disappointments?  We cling, even tighter, to Hope.

We are praying for so many families that are struggling.  We've heard from so many of you that are looking for answers for yourself, family members, or friends.  You watch while these loved ones struggle for help, for answers, for treatments.  It seems so inconceivable that we would turn to specialists that are educated and well trained, only to find no answers, no help, no hope. 

It is my prayer that 2015 is a year filled with Hope for your lives.  I'm praying for medical advancements, new technologies, and divine miracles to take place for all of those searching so desperately to find answers.  I'm praying for comfort, guidance, wisdom, and for open doors for you.  I'm praying that you don't feel alone in this journey, that people come beside you for support, and rally around you to strengthen you.  My prayer is that 2015 will be a transformational year, on so many levels, and that you and your loved ones will be blessed beyond understanding.  HOPE for 2015 - will you join me in my prayer?

Retta Beery posted on January 14, 2015