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Skype session with Florida high school students

Alexis and I had the great honor to skype with a high school class in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida yesterday.  They have been learning about genomics and have studied Noah and Alexis's case through the Center for BioMolecular Modeling, an instructional materials development laboratory focused on the molecular biosciences, located in Milwaukee.  Dr. Tim Herman, whose current research interests are focused in two areas: the application of rapid prototyping technology to the production of physical models of molecular structures, and science education research projects designed to measure the impact of physical and computer-based models of molecular structures on student learning, has created a model of Alexis and Noah's case study. He came out to San Diego 3 years ago to understand more of Noah and Alexis's case.  He now uses it to teach high school students and teachers about the science of genomics and the impact genomics has and will have in our future.  Wonderful opportunity to reach students for future science and medicine!

Retta Beery posted on April 01, 2015