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Entries for May 2010


Our twin children, Noah and Alexis, had been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when they were 20 months old.  Noah had an MRI  that showed brain damage in his ventrical area (PVL) and Alexis was diagnosed under the assumption that they both lost oxygen while in the womb.  Alexis had undergone three MRI's with no damage found, although she was much more physically challenged than Noah.

Their function and abilities started to improve after years of therapy.  However, Alexis started to show signs of regression around her 5th birthday.  I was praying for specific guidance from God about something completely different when He led me back into research for Alexis.  Alexis had lost the ability to walk, chew her food, swallow and talk by 11 am.  She would tremor for hours at a time with her eyes rolling up into her head, it was as though she was no longer there and we could no longer reach her.

God led me to an 11 year old article that was put in the midst of current research materials on Cerebral Palsy.

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Retta Beery posted on May 19, 2010 Article Rating