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Gracie and Harrison Colegrove

Their names are Harrison and Gracie Colegrove Their parents first started noticing that there was something wrong when they first started to walk. They would take a few steps and then fall down. Concerned, they searched for answers. This process took a long time and the children's condition deteriorated with time. Six years later both children were in wheelchairs and had lost almost all of their mobility, and still no answers. Finally, they received a referral to see Dr. Filiano of Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. Reluctant at first, the Colegrove's thought this doctor visit was going to be like every other doctor visit. To their surprise, Dr. Filiano suggested they he may actually be able to help these children. He study them in depth and ran numerous test. He concluded that it was a possibility that Harrison and Gracie had a rare disorder called Dopa-Responsive Dsytonia (DRD). The most common of the Dystonia's and most treatable.

Starting with Harrison, he put them on a cocktail of drugs, with Levo-dopa/Carbo-dopa being the most predominant. Then it happened. Within hours a miracle happened. Harrison was able to stand, and then take a few assisted steps. Within weeks as he regained strength in his muscles from not using them for so long, Harrison was walking normal. It was if he did not have the disease at all.

Then Dr. Filiano put Gracie on a similar regiment of medication. She too improved dramatically. Was this some kind of miracle drug. Dr. Filiano says that all he did was introduce that which Harrison and Gracie's brain's were not producing.

Think it is not a miracle? Both children were in wheelchairs and could not care for themselves. Today, Harrison is in Karate and Gracie is in Gymnastics. Truly a gift from GOD!

Thank you Harrison and Gracie, for showing us that there is HOPE!