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TO THE CONTRARY | Meet the Beerys: DNA Sequencing and Rare Childhood Diseases | PBS
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on 3/2/2013
In the conclusion of our three-part series on genetic mapping and rare pediatric diseases, the Beery family shares their story of heartbreak and hope. Make sure to tune into this week's edition of To The Contrary on your local PBS station (check local listings). For more information visit our website!
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Screenshot Noah and Alexis's story reach others-the Today Show
Twins wrongly diagnosed with cerebral palsy After initially being told their children have cerebral palsy, the parents of twins look for other causes...
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Screenshot Family watches Beery story on "The Doctors" to find answers for their daughter
Family watches Noah and Alexis's story on "The Doctors" show and it leads them to new diagnosis for their daughter.
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Screenshot Finding Hope in Whole Genome Sequencing: Retta Beery at TEDxYouth@SanDiego 2013
Retta Beery's twins, Noah and Alexis, were born with a neurologic disorder. Through research and advocacy, Retta discovered that her twins were mi...
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John C. Reed of the Sanford-Burnham Institute interviews NIH head Francis Collins on why doctors should get excited about the science of medicine. Vis...
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Screenshot A Family Changed Forever By Sequencing Technology - Meet The Beerys
The Beerys talk about the family's journey of discovering the twins misdiagnosis of Cerebral Palsy and that they actually had Dystonia
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Screenshot Oprah - Living with Dystonia
Imagine being an active, 30-something woman one day. Then, just a few weeks later, you find yourself bedridden and unable to control your body. In...
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Harrison and Gracie Colegrove on GMA 2002. For more information, visit
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